Frequently Asked Questions About Trusts

Last updated on June 25, 2024

At the Law Office of Jon R. Disrud, our San Antonio attorneys understand just how confusing estate planning can be. That is why we want to help you through the process. You may have questions about trusts, and we have the answers. Here is some information that may help:

What is a trust?

A trust is a legal arrangement that allows a fiduciary, known as the trustee, to hold and manage assets for one or more beneficiaries. Assets can be transferred to a trust before or after your death and managed according to your wishes. There are many different types of trusts, and they can be structured uniquely.

Why do I need a trust lawyer in Texas?

Trusts can be complicated to set up and fund correctly, and many different factors have to be considered. You need a Texas trust lawyer to help you understand how a trust should be structured to accomplish your goals, achieve the level of flexibility you want, mitigate the taxes on your estate and more.

How does a trust benefit me in Texas?

Many people mainly use a trust to protect assets from estate taxes, disputes and probate. A will often does not provide these protections and can make it difficult to fulfill your last wishes exactly how you intend. You can also use a trust to make your assets private.

What types of trusts are there in Texas?

Broadly, trusts can either be revocable or irrevocable, but there can be tremendous variation from there. Some trusts you may consider drafting include:

  • Charitable trust
  • Testamentary trust
  • Incentive trust
  • Spendthrift trust
  • Generation-skipping trust
  • Irrevocable trust
  • Pet trust
  • Asset protection trust
  • Special needs trust

An attorney can help you explore the possibilities and choose the trust that is right for your needs.

Do I need a trust and a will in Texas?

A will requires your assets to go through probate, while a trust bypasses this process. A will and a trust are often used together to achieve estate planning goals and protect your assets from being controlled by the state after your passing.

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