Divorce In Texas: Four Tips For Choosing The Right Attorney

Rather than choosing a name at random, people should carefully consider their options to ensure they hire the right divorce lawyer for their needs.

At the rate seen as of April of 2016, The Washington Post reports that calculations show approximately one-third of married couples in the U.S. will divorce. Although Texas law allows for people who make the decision to split from their spouses to represent themselves, many choose to obtain legal representation. There is more to choosing a divorce lawyer, however, than just picking any name from a list. Taking time to consider their options may help people ensure they hire the right divorce attorney for their situations and needs.

Ask For Recommendations

When looking for a family law lawyer at the end of a marriage, it may seem that the options are endless. Asking for recommendations from friends and family members, however, may help people narrow down their lists. Even reading reviews, it may be challenging to get an idea of who an attorney is and what it would be like to work with him or her. Relatives and loved ones who have previously gone through a divorce may suggest legal representatives who they found to be qualified and supportive. Further, they may advise against working with a lawyer if they had a negative experience.

Consider The Fees

Since Texas is a community property state, people’s assets may sometimes be tied up until their cases are finalized. Consequently, their budgets may be tight, and maintaining them a priority. When it comes to the pricing schedules for divorce lawyers in Texas, there is no set or standard fees. As they are developing their lists of potential candidates, one of the first things people should do is check the costs. Asking about retainers, hourly and flat rates, and other associated fees before they go any further may help those getting divorced to eliminate those lawyers as options who may be out of their budget.

Research Potential Candidates

Generally meeting the same requirements, it may seem that one lawyer’s ability to handle a marriage dissolution case is as good as the next attorney’s. However, some legal representatives may primarily handle cases that involve specific matters, such as child custody or complex property division. Thus, when considering which divorce attorney is right for their needs, it may help for people to look into their experience and credentials.

Conduct Interviews Before Choosing

Through the course of a divorce, people may have to discuss personal issues and events with their legal representatives. For example, the grounds for divorce in Texas include adultery, cruelty, abandonment, separate cohabitation and confinement in a mental institution, all of which may be sensitive matters for people to have to talk about. Interviewing their top candidates before making their decision may help divorcing spouses ensure they choose a lawyer with whom they feel comfortable. If people are not at ease with their attorneys, they may be reluctant to speak freely with them about the pertinent details of their cases.

Moving forward with an attorney

The Texas attorneys who people choose to aid them with their divorce cases may impact their outcomes, which is why it is essential that they hire the right lawyer for their unique circumstances. In addition to guiding them through the legal process, a legal representative may help negotiate on their behalf and assist in facilitating an expedient resolution.