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Where should you keep your will?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2022 | Estate Planning |

Creating an estate plan, or just a will, is the responsible thing to do. After all, this document will ensure your family and beneficiaries know how you want your assets dispersed after you pass.

However, what’s the point of creating a will if no one can find it after you pass? Keeping your will safe and somewhere it can be found is a must. Some of the best options for will safekeeping can be found here.

In your home safe

Keeping a copy of your will in your home safe is something many people choose to do. It’s best to ensure the safe is fire and waterproof to ensure the items inside aren’t damaged or lost in the event of a disaster. Just ensure someone knows the will is there and that they have access to the key or combination to get what’s inside after you pass.

With your attorney

Many lawyers offer to keep their client’s wills on file after they are prepared. Usually, you will have to pay a storage fee if you choose this option.

In a safe deposit box

Keeping your will in a safe deposit box is another option. However, you need to make sure that someone knows it is there and that they can access the box after you pass. If you do not arrange this ahead of time, it may be impossible for someone to get your will after you pass.

The best options for storing your will

After creating a will, you want to ensure it is found and used once you pass away. Use the tips and information here to ensure that your family and beneficiaries know where to find your will and that the document is safe and secure until it is needed.