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Can you adjust an unfavorable military record?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | Military Law |

Military records can have a major impact on your life even after your service ends. For example, a dishonorable discharge from the military could lock you out of the best careers and also leave you ineligible to lawfully own a firearm in the future. The nature of your discharge will show up in most background checks and force you to repeatedly explain what happened toward the end of your service.

Some people don’t even realize that their military record is the issue holding them back after the end of their service. They may struggle to find rental housing or a good job for years until someone tells them about how they failed the background check. When you learn that your military record has limited your opportunities, you may want to correct or update those military records.

How do you potentially remove blemishes that affect your opportunities?

You can appeal your military record

If there is a mistake in the records of your service, let you can potentially initiate and appeal to update and correct those records. However, quick action is key to success. Technically, federal rules only give you three years from the time when you learn about the record error to file the necessary paperwork to correct the mistake.

A dishonorable discharge on your record is technically a form of punishment. It should only appear if there is an order following a court-martial. In a situation where you didn’t technically undergo the military discipline process, records of a dishonorable discharge could be removable.

When the record isn’t the result of a mistake, it can be much more difficult to challenge. You also have to consider the official record of any military discipline you faced. There are no expungement rules for military court records or dishonorable discharges.

Correcting military records can be difficult

The average servicemember would struggle with the technical process involved in appealing military records and changing the official documentation related to their service. It can be difficult to understand your options and even harder to remain calm while trying to argue a case that could permanently affect your life.

Connecting with professional help will help you appeal and update damaging military record mistakes.