Remember these tips if you’re battling with a narcissist

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2021 | Family Law

When parents split up, decisions regarding the children must be made. This is easy for some parents who can get along, but it’s very complicated if you have one parent who’s a narcissist. These individuals are unable to think about how their decisions impact others, which means they can’t consider the child’s best interests in a child custody case.

Trying to negotiate with a narcissist can be extremely challenging. These cases will likely end up having to go through a trial to reach a conclusion. Consider these tips if you’re handling a similar situation that involves your ex.

Remain calm

Narcissists get their strength from manipulating other people. By remaining calm and not letting them see that they’re having an impact on you, they won’t be able to get that strength from you. It might help if you use communication that doesn’t put you face-to-face with them. Written communication, such as a parenting app that the court can monitor, may be beneficial.

Document everything

A person who’s narcissistic will try to twist every situation to meet their own needs. They often live in their own reality. Because of this, you should document everything that pertains to the children. This includes keeping receipts for things you pay for, as well as medical care and education decisions you make.

Anyone who’s in the midst of a custody battle with a narcissist should ensure they have someone on their side who can protect their rights and the interests of the children. Being able to make decisions based on the facts surrounding the case is beneficial. Just remember that these cases can take a while, but trying to rush them may mean that there’s a less than optimal outcome.