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A look at the military divorce rate

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2021 | Family Law, Military Law |

Texas has a huge military community, and many people in that community are married. While it’s easy to hope that hard-working military men and women can obtain and sustain happy marriages, the truth is that many military marriages end in divorce.

According to U.S. Census Bureau data, military professionals have the highest divorce rate of any other professional industry for people under the age of 30. When breaking it down by divorce rate, first-line enlisted military supervisors, the people in charge of supervising enlisted members and leading military operations, had the highest rate of military divorce of all at 30%.

Why the divorce rate in the military is so high

There are several reasons that the military divorce rate is so high. One key reason is simply the fact that the military is such a high-stress career. Military members are under an immense amount of pressure from things like extended military deployments and other key stressors.

Another reason that the divorce rate is so high is that partners are often away from each other for such long periods that they don’t really get a chance to connect. These long periods of abandonment foster feelings of alienation, preventing couples from obtaining the closeness they would experience if they were around each other on a more regular basis.

Another reason that military divorce is so common is that military personnel often struggle with extreme mental health issues. These issues come about as a result of their everyday involvement in the military or being part of dangerous missions. Because of this, many military members end up suffering from mental and emotional illnesses. Unfortunately, many service members don’t get help for these issues until it’s too late, causing their relationships with their spouses to become extremely strained. Unwilling or unable to work things out, many of these individuals simply decide to end their marriages.

Where can military members get legal support for marital issues?

The military divorce rate is extremely high. Once people decide to go their separate ways, they may benefit by working with attorneys who have experience with dealing with both military and marital law.