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Are my current life circumstances going to lead to divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Uncategorized |

When couples go through intensely stressful times, they may easily be triggered by small things that their partner does. If you are currently going through a stressful period in your life because of circumstances beyond your control, you may have noticed that this has taken a toll on your marriage. You may have found that you have started to have arguments for no reason, or that you have become unnecessarily toxic in your communication toward each other.

Even the strongest relationships go through ups and downs. You should never expect married life to always be like the honeymoon period. The couples who enjoy decades in a happy marriage are simply able to work through the hard times through maturity and good communication. If you are worried that your current life circumstances are going to lead you to filing for a divorce, you should be aware of this and understand the most common triggers. The following are some life events that most commonly lead to divorce.


Marriage vows often include lines about loving each other in sickness and in health. Unfortunately, the illness of one spouse can often lead to a series of stressful events that can lead to the couple to fall out of love. In many cases, a spouse’s illness means that they can no longer work, and this financial strain can lead to arguments. Other people feel unable to bear the burden of a spouse who needs constant care and, sadly, the marriage falls apart.

Job losses or career changes

A job loss or a career change can mean that there is a drastic shift in the household dynamic. Financial circumstances could become an issue, but a job with a higher responsibility could also mean that the couple no longer spends any quality time together.


Trauma can profoundly affect a person’s outlook on life. The unexpected death of a parent or loved one can mean that a person is not emotionally available to carry on in a relationship.

If you are going through difficulties in your marriage because of a change in life circumstances, it is important that you consider therapy so that you can work through these issues. You may also want to consider looking into your options for filing for divorce.