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Appealing Denied VA Disability Claims

Service members dedicate their lives to serving their country. And they have a right to benefits if they were severely injured or impaired during their service. However, it is all too common that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) denies veterans disability benefits. If your benefits have been denied, or you believe you have been underpaid, you have the right to appeal. And we are here to help.

You can trust The Law Offices of Jon R. Disrud to protect your rights and best interests. Our founding attorney, Jon Disrud, is a former JAG lawyer and retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. His experience in the military and as a military lawyer provides you with representation you can trust. He understands the nuances of military law and is committed to protecting veterans. He is a strong and knowledgeable advocate who will fight for you.

Guidance Through The VA Appeals Process

The VA could deny, reduce or cut off your disability benefits if they disagree with:

  • The existence of a disability
  • The relation of the disability to military service
  • The disability level or rating in the claim

We will guide you through the entire VA appeals process, from filing a Notice of Disagreement (NOD) to a potential hearing before the Board of Veterans Appeals or a Texas decision review officer. The appeals process can be time-consuming, often lasting from one to seven years. That is also why it is critical to work with a military law attorney. We can help you navigate the process and obtain your benefits as efficiently as possible.

Contact An Attorney Who Understands To Get The Benefits You Deserve

You have the right to appeal the VA’s decision, but it is important to act quickly. There is a deadline of one year to file an appeal after you receive the initial decision.

We are here to advocate for you and help you move forward. Please contact our San Antonio office by email or by calling 210-569-0581 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced military lawyer today.

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