What Happens To An Estate When The Owner Dies?

When the owner of an estate dies, the estate administration process begins. Estate administration in Texas involves managing and settling the affairs of a person who has passed away. While the executor or administrator of an estate does not need to be an attorney, the help of one could be invaluable because estate administration is a complicated legal process. If you are an executor or administrator, you are expected to fulfill the same duties the court would perform. There may be additional legal requirements as well.

Our lawyer at the Law Office of Jon R. Disrud has over 30 years of legal experience. He can walk you through estate administration or the probate process, represent you if there are estate claims and ensure you comply with all the requirements and deadlines.

The Estate Administration Process

Our attorney can provide invaluable support for executors for high net worth estates or estates with many debts. He routinely administers estates with sophisticated assets such as businesses and stock options. Each estate is unique, but here is a general overview of the processes involved in estate administration in Texas:

  • Filing an application for probate
  • Validating the will
  • Appointment of estate executor or administrator
  • Notifying creditors
  • Inventory and appraisal of estate assets
  • Managing estate assets
  • Paying debts and taxes
  • Distribution of estate assets to the beneficiaries
  • Closing the estate

If the decedent did not name someone in the will as the executor or representative of the estate, the court may appoint an estate administrator. A dependent administrator needs court approval to act as executor. They must also pay a bond to insure against misappropriation of the estate. An independent administrator is either named in a will or elected by all the beneficiaries to serve as executor. Independent administrators do not need the court’s approval to administer the estate.

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