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DWI Defense

Experienced And Aggressive Representation

More than 30 years of trial experience helping our clients get the best possible outcome for serious DUI charges in Bexar County and surrounding counties throughout the San Antonio metropolitan area.

Don’t Wait To See What Will Happen Next

Prosecutors have the resources they need to get a conviction. Even if you think they have strong evidence against you, THERE IS ALWAYS AN EFFECTIVE DEFENSE to help you avoid harsh penalties.

Penalties Are Severe — Starting With Losing Your Driver’s License

We will begin work immediately to schedule a hearing at the local Texas DMV to start fighting to help you keep your driver’s license while your DWI case progresses.

Free Consultation — Don’t Talk To The Police Until You Talk To A Lawyer

Waiting won’t help. Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer will. Call 210-569-0581 or send an email right away. Call anytime to leave a message. An attorney will respond as quickly as possible.